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Paperbacks delivered!

I'm not good at this blogging thing, but I thought this was a really cool moment that I wanted to share! I ordered some paperbacks and they've finally arrived!

I honestly never knew if this day would come that I'd be able to look at and hold a book of my own making in my hands. LitRPG is something that I've loved for years, but never thought I would be able to say I wrote one for myself. Even now, with all of its flaws and misgivings, I still love the book and the joy it's given to me and hopefully those who read it.

As I continue to write more books in the series, I look forward to more moments like this. Who knows how many I'll write, but at the very least Terrence and his WEIGHT affinity have given me a gift I can't even describe.

If you want to see anything specific on these blog posts, let me know. I'm not good at this marketing thing, so I appreciate you taking a look at the website after reading the book.



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