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Month In Review

2 months ago, I released my first book ever. On March 8th, the second book is set to release and I'm really excited for people to learn more about the world! Instead of (just) promoting the new book, I thought to put out a snippet of what I learned in the couple months since I released the book. Hopefully, this is helpful for someone in the pursuit of their future goals. 1. Criticism. Some people will like what you do. Some people will absolutely hate it. I read every review I receive in the hopes that this will make me a better writer, but I would be lying if I said bad reviews didn't sting. Do not let people's negative comments hold you back from realizing your goals (this is not limited to just writing).

2. Time management. When I first started writing, my focus was solely on finishing the book. I had time off work and didn't want to let myself get distracted from finishing that goal. After returning to work, finding time to write has become more difficult, but this isn't what I mean by time management. Your goals should not detract from your ability to make time for the people you love. Whether that means spending time with your partner daily or giving a friend a call, do not let your passion stop you from participating in the rest of your life.

3. Expect to make mistakes. I have made several and will continue to make more as I continue writing. Try to fix the mistakes you can, and learn from the ones you can't.

3.5. Learn and grow. As I continue writing, I am learning and (hopefully) improving. My book's cover was not done professionally, and it has hurt my reach considerably - I plan to pay a digital artist to have it redone correctly. I didn't think to add Facebook groups at the end of my book - which means I'm not allowed to market to those groups (for now) My cliff-hanger ending was way too much of a cliff-hanger, and people made sure to tell me in their reviews - I will make sure the next book has a more satisfying end. Mistakes happen. Try to do address them and move on.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm still working on this, but this has been helpful in other aspects of my life. Don't let your fear or ego get in the way of asking others for help.

5. Look for positivity in whatever you're doing. I have missed out on so many wonderful books in the last couple of months (Negative), but I am grateful to have found a new creative outlet to focus on (Positive). I spent hours thinking about a few negative reviews (Negative), but countless positive ones have also made my day (Positive). Try to find the positive in whatever you're doing. It will make you happier overall.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Note: this was originally posted as a month in review.

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