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Traveller's Trial

Written By Chikao J

A fast read, this story keeps to a specific theme and does it very well. This story is great representation of the power fantasy category of the genre.

The story follows Koji as he and a group of passengers are teleported to a location unknown to any of them and told they have a limited time to escape their scenario. When they arrive, they are gifted with a system that grants them a unique set of abilities. The place where they gain their powers turns into their home base as they continue to explore their location, delve further to fight monsters, and grow stronger in their attempt to escape.

The book excels in its execution. The story is not a new concept, but it executes these tried and true scenarios very well. For instance, each person is given access to a different type of ‘system’ based on a trial they must all take. Each power or system gives them a way to advance that is unique to them and them alone. I really loved how this was handled, because each person’s unique personality came across in both their mannerisms and in their abilities.

The character work for the main character added something a little bit different to the story. Broody, aloof, untrusting, the main character, Koji, is hard to quantify. His psyche through the book is a driving force, as we learn of his motivations, how he perceives the world around him, and the new people he meets. Through the book, we don’t fully begin to understand Koji as a person, and based on some of what is set up, I believe there’s more to explore in future books.

A quick shout out about the action, which I thought was really well done!

Lastly, my one gripe with the story! As stated, this was a power fantasy, where the main character goes from weak to overpowered very quickly. That is fine, and common in this type of story, but I would have liked a more measured approach to his abilities as we reach the last couple chapters. Due to the rate of exponential growth at the very end, it is hard to believe Koji will ever be challenged again… and I worry about how this would be represented in future books.

With that said, I look forward to seeing how the author extends the story further – I want to be proven wrong!

And if it isn’t clear – after ‘All the Skills’ this was my second favourite read so far this year! You should read this story!

Rating: 4.5

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