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Excerpt from Book 3 - Monking

Hey everybody,

Here's a small part of a chapter in the upcoming third book. It won't be out for a while, but I wanted to add something here every now and then.

Here's a small part from one of the chapters in the book. It hasn't been edited, and might change in the final version, but I hope you enjoy the little tease haha.

"Some of you are heading into the Dungeon this Monday. Does anyone know why we call Krader’s Dungeon the 'Everwood’?"

Professor Tertam asked the class as Mythical Creatures started. I put up my hand since I'd done some research on the Dungeon for the upcoming trip, but he chose someone else instead.

"It's the Dungeon Boss, right?" She answered.

"Yes, that is half of it. You're correct though, the Dungeon Boss is known to be a giant Treant who many refer to as Everwood also. His limbs are said to create some of the finest wood pieces on the continent, both for their durability and their magic capacity. The boss room isn't easy to find, of course. Still, our Dungeon Reset is so often that it is not uncommon for it to appear closer to the entrance, where most Dungeoneers usually spend their time.

To the answer, though, it's also called the 'Everwood' because the forest seems endless. Against popular belief, some Dungeons do have an end. Still, in the countless centuries that 'Everwood' has been explored, no one has been able to reach the end. So, to commemorate both the Treant and the forever woods, we call it the Everwood Dungeon, or just ‘Everwood’.” The Professor paused as he let some of us take down what we’d just heard.

Eventually, he spoke again.

“There is one other well-known Mythical creature in the forest. Among the Monkin is a creature who stands supreme. While the Dungeon is ranked low relative to many others in the Kingdom, it is still a Dungeon. And Dungeons all have fearsome monsters.

One of these is the Monking himself. The king of the other Monkins, he often roams around with a pack nearby. Unlike the lower-Ranked Monkin varieties, he does not have a tail and carries a staff he uses to fight.

Many Dungeoneers search for the Monking for his staff only, as it is said to have valuable enchantments, but he is not easy to find like most other unique existences. He has garnered enough fame and renown to be considered a legend in Krader and around the continent. Like some other myths around the world, any chance to see him is viewed as fantastic luck.

Both the Treats and Monking himself are rare, and their bodies will fetch a high price anywhere. None of you will venture far enough into the Dungeon to have to worry about either. Still, Dungeoneers are very lucky when they cross paths with these magnificent creatures.

For those who survive the encounter, of course."

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